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Role of Volunteers
The library welcomes the use of volunteers to enhance library service to the community.  Volunteers generally provide support services to staff or work on special projects.  Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications and the needs of the library at any given time. Those wishing to volunteer should contact Mary Etter, Library Director, at 644-1541.

Coordination With Other Programs
Those wishing to volunteer to satisfy requirements of school classwork or clubs, scouts, religious education classes, work-study programs, or for Youth Advisory Board or court-ordered community restitution programs will be selected and retained using the same guidelines as listed above.  The Library Director will provide documentation necessary to verify completion of tasks as required by the specific program. 

The Friends of the South Windsor Library is a private organization which supports the library in many ways, including volunteer work.  The Friends may recruit volunteers for various activities, incuding programs, book sales, and special projects.