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Thank you for your interest in the position of Library Director at the South Windsor Public Library.  During the coming weeks, the Library Board will coordinate screening of all applications received, selecting candidates for interviews.  The final candidate will receive a job offer conditional upon successful completion of a background check.
Our Job Description for the Library Director follows, as does a brief description of the Library. You may also find the following links helpful:
The Library’s website is
Additional information about the Town of South Windsor is available at
Information about public libraries in CT can be found on the website of the CT State Library, where topics specific to public libraries in the State can be found under the Division of Library Development:

The Library Director serves as the chief administrator of the library, appointed by and directly responsible to the South Windsor Public Library Board of Directors.  The Library Director directs and oversees the operations of the Library, including programs, services, and personnel, in accordance with Library Board and Town policies and procedures and applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.
The Library Director promotes excellent customer service to all patrons, establishes a culture of mutual respect among staff, and represents and promotes the Library in both public and professional communities, reliably describing the Library’s services, activities, and needs. The Library Director champions a culture of intellectual freedom, reading, lifelong learning, and 21st century literacies.
Library Board of Directors:
  • Assists the Chair in the development of meeting agendas
  • Provides informational materials and reports, including monthly and annual Director’s and financial reports
  • Alerts the Board to potential problems and recommends ways to address them
  • Recommends and assists with policy development; develops procedures for daily operations
  • Works effectively with the Board, Town officials and agencies, and community organizations
  • Attends evening meetings of the Board and Town Council and other community groups as appropriate
Library Services:
  • Monitors the selection of library materials, services, and events to ensure they meet the changing needs and interests of a diverse community
  • Sets standards for excellent customer service and ensures their successful implementation
  • Works effectively with Friends of the Library
  • Seeks opportunities for collaboration with other Town and community organizations
  • Demonstrates comfort with technology and its role in library service delivery
Personnel Management:
  • Recruits and hires all Library personnel
  • Provides clear descriptions of staff positions, responsibilities, and assignments
  • Supervises and coordinates the work of Library staff
  • Provides opportunities for staff development
  • Establishes staff performance standards and evaluates staff on a regular basis
  • Communicates with Town Human Resources and Finance Directors as needed with respect to personnel and payroll matters
Financial Operations: 
  • Prepares annual operating budget for Library Board approval and presents the budget to the Town Manager and Council as the Board’s representative
  • Directs and monitors the expenditure of all funds to ensure compliance with budget and related policies
  • Approves all payroll records and invoices for payment, in accordance with Town protocols
  • Develops financial reports for the Library Board, Town, and State
  • Alerts Board to grant opportunities; leads in applying for and implementing any grants selected
Physical Plant and Grounds Maintenance:
  • Monitors maintenance of the Library facility and grounds, interacting with appropriate Town departments and the Library Board to rectify problems and address concerns
  • Provides leadership, direction, and advice for major Library development projects, including construction or renovation of facilities
Public Relations:
  • Advocates for and promotes the Library’s services and needs through an active program of public relations
  • Manages internal and external communications for the Library, including correspondence, news releases, interviews, and presentations, using a variety of media
  • Actively participates in advocacy for library issues on local, State, and national levels
  • Demonstrated commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the Library
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively with the Library Board, staff, Town officials, community groups, State agencies, and the general public
  • Ability to maintain composure and effectiveness in stressful situations
  • Ability to multitask and delegate assignments effectively
  • Commitment to community outreach, both in person and through social media and other technological tools
  • Openness to change and the development of new programs and services
  • Master’s Degree from an ALA accredited college or university
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and best practices of public library administration, including applicable State and Federal regulations; commitment to personal continuing education
  • A minimum of five (5) years relevant library administration, including at least three (3) years in a supervisory capacity
The above duties and attributes are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the responsibilities of the position, but rather highlight the critical duties to be performed and skills to be demonstrated.  3/2023


Who are we?    The South Windsor Public Library is a grant agency of the Town of South Windsor, established in 1898. We are governed by a six-member Board of Directors appointed to 4-year terms by the Town Council, to whom the Board reports. The Library building has approximately 32,000 square feet of public and work spaces.

How is the Library funded? Operating funds are part of the General Government budget, as are funds for employee benefits and the maintenance of the Library, which is a Town building.  Total expenditures for the Library represent less than 5% of non-school expenditures. Additional funds are provided by the Friends of the South Windsor Public Library and State and Federal grants when available. 

What will you find at the Library?  Our local, “physical collection” of books, dvds, audiobooks, periodicals, and other materials totals just under 147,000. In addition, we provide access to approximately half a million items in downloadable collections.  Three rooms are available for community meetings and four smaller rooms for private study.  Three gallery areas and several enclosed cases are available for displays.  In a “normal” non-pandemic year, approximately 200,000 loans of materials occur and approximately 200,000 people visit the Library.  Over 10,000 people attend nearly 600 programs. Although these numbers declined due to COVID, we are making steady progress towards normal patterns of use.

What about staff?  The Library staff numbers 32, of whom 12 are full-time.  We are open seven days per week for 32 weeks of the year, reducing weekend hours during the summer.  We are grateful for the help of volunteers of all ages in various programs sponsored by schools, Scouts, Churches, and the court system. 

Who are our partners?  The Library is one of the thirty-two libraries comprising Library Connection, Inc., a shared network using the iii Sierra platform.  The Library is a member of the American Library Association and the CT Library Consortium and encourages participation in professional development opportunities provided by the CT State Library, CT Library Association, and New England Library Association. Locally, the Library is a member of the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce and regularly collaborates with South Windsor Public Schools, South Windsor Human Services, South Windsor Historical Society, Wood Memorial Library and Museum, and several community organizations.  The Library has been listed as an advisory agency for an Arts Commission recently formed by the Town Council; we welcome the opportunity to contribute to Town task forces and special-project committees. We are enthusiastically supported by the Friends of the South Windsor Public Library.

What’s new? The Town of South Windsor has a strong commitment to maintaining and upgrading facilities regularly. During the last five years, notable attention has been paid to our building, which was last expanded twenty-six years ago.  Municipal funds, an ARPA grant, and generous donations have provided elevator replacement, roof re-surfacing, new carpeting throughout the building, reupholstery, upgraded shelving, and repaving of parking lots and driveways.
We continue to work on the objectives of our 2019 Strategic Plan, affirming our mission to “create a welcoming experience for people of all ages in our diverse region that will foster opportunities for community connections, promote individual growth, and provide access to resources that spark creativity.”