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SOUTH WINDSOR PUBLIC LIBRARY                                       D R A F T
LIBRARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS         Regular Meeting July 25, 2017 
  1. A Regular Meeting of the South Windsor Public Library Board of Directors was held in the Board Room of the Library on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. The Meeting was called to order by Chair Carole Stroud at 7:07 p.m. 
PRESENT:                  C. Stroud, K-M. Sharos, K. Chiappetta, B. Asplund, M. Lewis
ABSENT:                   M. Andrus
ALSO PRESENT:      M. J. Etter, Library Director
                                    J. Preuss, Business Manager/Administrative Assistant
  1. Friends of the South Windsor Public Library – The Library received a call from an attorney representing a client who wants to remember the Friends in her will.    
  1. Public Participation – none
  1. It was moved and seconded (Asplund/Chiappetta) to adopt the Minutes of the Regular Meeting June 20, 2017. Voted unanimously.    
  1. It was moved and seconded (Chiappetta/Asplund) that the Treasurer’s Reports from June 2017 be accepted and placed on file, subject to audit. Voted unanimously.  
  1. Director’s Reports – Mrs. Etter reported that both the Children’s and Adult departments are very busy this summer.  The outreach program to day care centers has been going well.  We are in the process of having the upholstered furniture steam-cleaned.  Obviously, it has to done in stages to accommodate our patrons.  A heavy-duty shredder has been purchased and is now available to patrons.  We have received gifts from the Hartford Foundation (Braender) and United Way and other patrons.  Mrs. Etter is working on a display case for Rita Hyman’s family gift of her miniature book collection.  It must be a secure case.  The temporary, emergency budget signed by the Governor has removed funding for CLC, and has hurt the State Library.  They are unable to purchase shared databases.  Libraries are continuing to lobby for essential funding from both the State and Federal governments.  On the municipal level, we have approximately $60,000 not spent from the 2016/17 budget.  Mrs. Etter will be meeting with the Town Manager to discuss.  At issue is funding for databases purchased by the Library, and fees for LCI.
7.  Old Business -  
  1. Equipment – Mrs. Etter presented a proposal to purchase computer equipment for the staff totaling $12,454, which would be paid for by State Grants.  It was moved and seconded (Asplund/Sharos) to expend grant funds to purchase this proposal for computer equipment, as presented by Mrs. Etter.  Voted unanimously.             
  2. Committees
  1.  Personnel, Policy, and Rules
  1. Exam Proctoring Policy &
  2. Policy on Use of Study Rooms by Tutors - Mrs. Etter provided Board members with copies of the proposed policies.  It was moved and seconded (Chiappetta/Sharos) to approve both policies, as presented.  Voted unanimously.
  1.  Strategic Planning Committee
  1. Review CT Libraries Best Practices – Resources & Services and Staff sections – Mrs. Asplund led the review of the Resources and Services. Due to time constraints, the Board will review the Staff section at the next Board meeting.
  1. Technology Projects – no report
  2. Connecticar/deliverIT CT – discussed in Director’s Reports
  3. Trustee Orientation Packet – in progress.  Mrs. Etter will deliver the completed packets to each Board member.
  4. Consideration of Salary Ranges – will be discussed at the next Board meeting.
  5. Budget and Salaries 2017/18 – The 2% increase will be processed as soon as possible, dating back July 1 2017.
  6. Wish List – A patron suggested having more concerts throughout the year. Mrs. Etter will ask the Friends of the SWPL to fund another concert.
  1.  New Business
  1. Staff – Hiring for the vacant Sunday positions will be done shortly.  Liz Thornton, a Sunday reference Librarian, has announced her resignation. 
  2. Any other business that may properly come before the Board – none        
9.   Communications – The Library received a note and donation from a long-time patron who is moving out of state.  Mrs. Etter also shared the invitation for Orchard Hill School ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  1. Executive Session to discuss matters which by law are deemed confidential - none 
11.  Library Board Chairman’s Comment – no comment
12.  Adjournment - Meeting adjourned 8:55 p.m. (Sharos).
Respectfully Submitted,
Jean M. Preuss
Business Manager/Administrative Assistant